Has Roblox already begun to ‘age up’ and cater to older audiences?

One of Roblox’s largest initiatives in the recent past has been to increase the retention of older users. Many users are lost simply through aging up; the Roblox platform doesn’t cater to the interests of an older audience.

What causes this? Well, search and discovery, restrictive rules on games, parental controls and the reputation of Roblox as a kids’ platform are all key factors in driving older users away. However, according to recent data from RTrack, this may be changing.

In the past five months, the percentage of Roblox accounts which were active has been increasing month on month. During this time, total Roblox accounts have also increased from 1.3 Billion to over 1.6 Billion.

This could be an indication that the rate at which Roblox loses players has been slowing down each month, and that many old Roblox players have come back to the platform, as well as millions of new users joining.

While MAU has increased roughly 20% in this period, the active percentage of total Roblox accounts has increased by 23%. This is evidence that overall, there has actually been an increase in activity by older accounts, as well as retention of users who would previously have left.