Why does RTrack have paid memberships?

As I have always said, what service people choose to use is completely up to them. However, free services offer limited options, and this is because many of the features which set RTrack apart cost substantially more than the ones that free services provide. New features are constantly being introduced, most of which cost money, and Membership fees are channeled directly back into the service.

Despite putting over 600 hours into it, I haven’t earnt anything from this project, and am in fact losing money every day from RTrack. Membership plans aren’t just there to put money in my pocket. Put simply, the more people subscribe to membership plans, the more confident I can be when investing more time and money into new features for this project.

Here’s just some of the things that cost RTrack money;

  • The service is monitoring over 5 Million games, significantly more frequently, while every other tracking service (even paid) only tracks games manually submitted by it’s users.
  • It was the second ever publicly available Roblox game tracking service, so holds data going back more than 6 Months on millions of games which most other options aren’t even tracking yet. Storing and indexing this volume of data doesn’t come cheap.
  • RTrack Trends analyses the descriptions & titles of 2,500 games over a 6 month time period to help developers identify and track trends.
  • RTrack Compare allows developers to compare up to 10 games on many different aspects, over a 6 month period.
  • RTrack Social scans millions of games daily for signs of botting, and uses historical data to assign an informed rating to each game.
  • Every single banner, skyscraper and box ad published on Roblox is tracked and analysed.
  • Every single sponsorship run on desktop is tracked (and this data will soon be available on the site).
  • I regularly release articles on platform wide MAU, and player count records – these are things no other tracking service provides.
  • RTrack’s new player insight feature tracks over 300,000 user accounts and currently stores data on about 24 Million individual play sessions. This works through the status API, and requests for this have to be sent through a proxy network due to rate limiting.
  • I’ve put aside work on game development to be able to work on RTrack full time. I can’t do that unless there’s potential for RTrack to help pay my bills.