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Roblox overtakes Pokemon Go’s MAU Record with 155 Million Active Users in May 2020

According to RTrack’s MAU analysis for Roblox in May 2020, approximately 155.4 Million users were active on the platform in the past month. This is a gain of 9 Million users on the previous month, and is slightly slower growth than that seen between March and April (+12 Million).

Shown below in the interactive graph are RTrack’s MAU estimates going back to December 2019. February 2020 is skipped as it was not recorded.

This increase is encouraging to see, as there was a concern that the increase in MAU would quickly flatten out once the peak of coronavirus lockdown measures had been met. To the contrary, the number of users active each month has continued to climb despite there being little increase in global lockdown measures.

EuroGamer put Pokemon Go’s peak monthly player count at 147 Million users in 2018, with the craze around the game being something that seemed to reach everyone of all ages and interests. Last month in May, Roblox surpassed that record, with 155 Million Monthly Active users.


RTrack uses random user sampling to calculate MAU every month. 80,000 random user accounts are sampled.

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