More than 50% of players in top Roblox games are in Private and VIP servers

Recently, a new feature has been added to RTrack for Basic, Pro and Complete users; the Live Game page. This page updates every 3 seconds to show the latest player count & ratings for a game, which can be super useful for developers to have up on a second monitor, or even in a permanent instalment 😉.

RTrack Live Game Page

As an additional feature for this, I set out to find a way that I could calculate a more up to date player count. The Roblox-supplied player count only updates every few 20-30 seconds, which can be too long to catch small variations in player counts. The method which I settled on also allows me to calculate the rough number of users who are in VIP or Private servers for any given game.

Top Games have more than 50% in ‘hidden’ servers

After checking the RTrack Live stat page for a few games, I noticed something interesting; many of the top games have larger numbers of players in their ‘hidden’ servers. For example, here is Adopt me:

Adopt me RTrack Live stat page

More than half of the players in Adopt me are in VIP or private servers. There’s an even more drastic story for MeepCity, having 30,000 of it’s 40,000 users (at time of writing) in these ‘hidden’ servers. This makes a lot of sense as these games use teleportation as a core mechanic, but is very interesting to see.

Conversely, a game like Jailbreak, which doesn’t have private servers but does have VIP servers looks like this;

Jailbreak RTrack Live stats

Does this surprise you? Discuss it in the comments!

Want to try out RTrack Live Stats?

If you’d like to try out the Live Game page, just head to any RTrack dashboard page ( and press the three dots in the corner. If you want to see the precise version, just add “&Precise=1” to the end of the URL. Remember, you need a membership plan to do this, and using the precise version will cost you more API credits.