Introducing Game Backlinks

Hey everyone! For a long time I’ve felt that as a Roblox developer, it’s pretty difficult to find out where your game is being shared, who’s sharing links to it and where your traffic is coming from. If not just because seeing people sharing your game is super cool, being able to see where your game is linked to offers a great insight into where your traffic comes from, and how you can improve those traffic channels.

Game Backlinks

Setting out to fix this problem, I’ve developed a new RTrack service called Game Backlinks. Three times per day, RTrack automatically scans the web for links to your game and compiles these in a central database.

When you click on the new Backlinks tab, found on the Dashboard, RTrack shows a historical graph of the number of times your site has been linked to over time, and a full list of all the webpages RTrack has found links to your game on in the past.

As time goes on, RTrack will collect more data on this, and you’ll be able to view trends in interest in your game, and browse all historical and current mentions of your game.

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