Roblox continues upward ascent with 164 million Monthly Active Users

According to RTrack’s MAU analysis for Roblox in July 2020, approximately 164 Million users were active on the platform in the past month. This is a gain of 6 Million users on the previous month, and is double the growth seen between May and June (+3 Million).

Shown below in the interactive graph are RTrack’s MAU estimates going back to December 2019.

This is a surprising change from last month where growth was appearing to slow, instead it has doubled.


RTrack uses random user sampling to calculate MAU every month. 80,000 random user accounts are sampled, and the date on which their account was last online is used to determine whether they were active within the past month. Using an up to date figure for Roblox’s total user count (in this case, 1.78bn accounts), the percentage of sample online in the past month is then used with the number of accounts to calculate an estimate for that month’s MAU.

A Rolling 30 day active user graph & MAU over counts overtime, along with many other sets of data recorded about the Roblox platform including weekly & monthly engagement hour estimates are available with the RTrack Complete plan.

For a complete insight into RTrack’s stat tracking, read this article: