Roblox players clicked ‘Play’ 6.7 Billion Times in February 2021 alone.

This year, RTrack began to track total platform sessions with the release of the new RTrack website, This is calculated by finding the sum of every tracked game’s ‘visit’ count, a figure which goes up every time a player clicks Play on a Roblox game page.

For February alone, the total figure for all time sessions went from roughly 238 Billion sessions on February 1st, to more than 239 Billion by February 28th. This is a change of 6.7 billion visits in just 28 days.

Using RTrack’s monthly active user estimate for February 2021, 200 Million, this would work out to each active Roblox player playing on average 33 games in that month, or 1.2 games per day.

More platform wide data is available on the RTrack complete plan, and a live total session count is visible on the RTrack landing.