Defying predictions, Roblox MAU hits all time high at 202 Million Estimated Users in April 2021, picking up 10 Million users compared to the month before.

According to RTrack’s MAU analysis for Roblox in April 2021, approximately 202 Million users were active on the platform in the 30 days preceding April 30th.

Estimated through RTrack’s monthly Roblox user account sampling, the MAU figure for April 2021 was estimated to be just over 202 Million, accounting for the 30 days prior to 30th April. 

Compared to RTrack’s March Estimate for MAU, 192 Million, this is a jump of 10 Million users. This is a possible reversal of the downward trajectory that many were worried was taking place due to estimates dropping from 199 Million in February to 192 Million in March.

Shown below in the interactive graph are RTrack’s MAU estimates going back to December 2019. Unfortunately MAU estimates were paused for 4 months between August and November 2020, and this gap has been filled in with extrapolated data, based on changes in other statistics such as web traffic, platform concurrent user estimates, and playtime estimates.

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What does this mean for Roblox?

Last month, in February’s MAU report, I said this:

[The drop of 7 Million on monthly active users in March] was largely an expected drop, Roblox has mentioned to investors that they expect a drop in users as global lockdowns ease.

Roblox MAU Estimate 192 Million in March 2021, drop of 7 Million on February

In my March opinion article (before the release of the March MAU Estimate), I said this:

While it’s likely that in the short term many users will end up spending less time on the platform than during the pandemic, long term the prospects for Roblox to grow even further than 200 Million monthly active users seem bright.

The next battle for the Roblox Metaverse: A return to normal

This may be the beginning of this coming true, Roblox experienced an estimated 8 million user drop in March, and now the estimates show them over 200. Hopefully, this was the worst of the post-lockdown drops for Roblox, but we’ll know more on May 10th, from the Roblox earnings call.

Peak 30 day users in April

On April 15th, RTrack estimated past 30 day active users at 206 Million, this is the peak RTrack has ever estimated 30 day active users to be at.

Notice about future MAU reports

In the past, RTrack has released on most months it’s estimate for Roblox’s monthly active user count on this blog.

From this point onwards, these releases will be much less frequent, and there may not be a release every month. These posts may also be delayed by up to two months from the date the estimate was made.

This data is no longer available under the complete plan, but if you may be interested in finding out more about getting access to this data, please email


RTrack uses random user sampling to estimate MAU every month. 110,914 random user accounts were sampled in March.

Disclaimer: This figure is an estimate, calculated using random sampling. It has not been confirmed or verified by Roblox, and is not an official figure. This should only be used as an indication of the general trend of MAU, not as an exact figure, and there is always a risk that this estimate is inaccurate. The only definite values of Roblox monthly active user counts are released by Roblox, on the Roblox blog.

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