Roblox broke new MAU record in June 2021, hitting 206M estimated monthly active users – from RTrack Enterprise Data

According to RTrack’s MAU analysis for Roblox in June 2021, approximately 206 Million users were active on the platform in the 30 days preceding June 30th.

Estimated through RTrack’s Enterprise’s proprietary MAU estimation system, the figure for June 2021 was estimated to be higher than ever before, the previous record being 202 Million in April 2021. This data accounted for the 30 days prior to 31st June. 

Compared to RTrack’s May Estimate for MAU, 200 Million, this is a large increase unseen since late 2020. This change shows Roblox growing post-pandemic, despite concerns that lockdown easing would cause the platform to lose players.

After months of stagnation in MAU figures, between December 2020 and May 2021, the platform looked to be finally growing again in June. We will release data for July and August with the usual 2-4 month delay in future on the blog, and this data will show whether this was just a one time increase or a sign of a larger trend. This data is available to Enterprise users immediately, on an hourly rolling data feed. Find out more about Enterprise.

Shown below in the interactive graph are RTrack’s MAU estimates going back to December 2019. Unfortunately MAU estimates were paused for 4 months between August and November 2020, and this gap has been filled in with extrapolated data, based on changes in other statistics such as web traffic, platform concurrent user estimates, and playtime estimates.

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What does this mean for Roblox?

In my March opinion article (before the release of the March MAU Estimate), I said this:

While it’s likely that in the short term many users will end up spending less time on the platform than during the pandemic, long term the prospects for Roblox to grow even further than 200 Million monthly active users seem bright.

The next battle for the Roblox Metaverse: A return to normal

After the article was posted, Roblox did see a drop of 7 million users in the March MAU estimate from RTrack.

As I predicted in my article, however, this drop was short lived, the platform began recovering immediately with 202 Million MAU in April, a small drop in May and now a big jump in June to 206 Million.

This could mean Roblox is past the pandemic concerns, and has proven that it can retain the players it picked up in the past year.


Disclaimer: This figure is an estimate, calculated using RTrack’s own proprietary system. It has not been confirmed or verified by Roblox, and is not an official figure. This should only be used as an indication of the general trend of MAU, not as an exact figure, and there is always a risk that this estimate is inaccurate. The only definite values of Roblox monthly active user counts are released by Roblox, on the Roblox blog.

RTrack MAU reports are no longer released on a schedule, and there will always be at least a 1 month delay on the data. Live data on an hour-by-hour basis is available in the Enterprise plan. Find out more.

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